Thursday, June 10, 2010

Front Page Worthy -- Citrusy Treasury!!

Did shesthatgirl, of She's That Girl Soap Shop, have had in mind Etsy's June Trend Forecast when she decided to give us a peek into "My Life as a Muse," which is filled with the lovely tangerine, lime, blood orange and grapefruit colors predicted to be a favorite this summer? Only the muse knows for sure!

The muse features these extraordinary team members:
Shesthatgirl may not be listed as a member of the FAETeam, but she seems to find plenty of inspiration here, so I've made her an honorary member. Thanks, shesthatgirl, for finding us so a-muse-ing!

I'd love to be able to submit this treasury for consideration for the front page, but unfortunately inclusion of the curator's own listing makes it ineligible. Picky, picky Etsy; you lose!

1 comment:

  1. Her application was approved mere minutes ago, so she's an official member now! Gorgeous treasury.