Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Treasury Chest

The treasure chest was well stocked for this first of our weekly posts of treasuries featuring less than five of our team members, so let's get started!

Dede of BrightestBlessings featured mermaidencreations in the "A Little Something for Me" treasury:

TraceyKnits featured aquariann in the "Arrrgh, Pirates" treasury:

Helen Klebesadel of Niceharpy featured mermaidencreations in the "Bee Cause" treasury:

Nancy of LafesHiddenTreasures featured AnikasArt in the "Citrus Diva Orange You Happy?" treasury:

Maryanne of Marynikydesigns featured gypsymoonart, aquariann and gypsymoonart again in the "Dark Faerie" treasury:

Iris of NZsecretgarden featured aquariann in the "Dragon Art & Jewellery" treasury:

FaerieKat of Faerie Fabulous Finds featured herself (do I have a healthy ego or what?!) in the "Even Peacocks Get the Blues" treasury:

FaerieKat of Faerie Fabulous Finds featured MoonlitHerbals in the "Faerie Magic" treasury:

Gypsy of SteelGreyArt featured OnGossamerWings, FaerieKat and her piercing self in the "Fairy Pretty" treasury:

Marnie and Kristy of Phoenicianista featured FaerieKat in the "Good Luck" treasury:

Judy of ConfectionsInGlass featured AnikasArt in the "In the Pink" treasury:

Guler Usug of SmilingKnitting featured FaerieKat in the "It is Time to Go Summer Holiday :)":

WickedDarling featured MiddleEarths in the "Juliette's Dream" treasury:

Molly of fivelittlegems featured FaerieKat in the "Little Bear, Don't Be Scared of the Scuttle Demon. He's Really Berry Nice!" treasury:

FaerieKat of Faerie Fabulous Finds featured herself (again; it's fun, I recommend it for everyone, unless (of course) you're interested in making it to the Front Page, then do not do as I do!) in the "Mermaid's Seaweed Tresses" treasury:

Karen of MysticWynd featured aquariann in the "My Favorite Color Palette!!!" treasury:

BeadsBaublesNBangles featured FaerieKat in the "On a Breezy Day" treasury:

Sarah of ToadstoolsNTreestump featured nenufarblanco, darklingwoods and herself (good on you, GF!) in the "Once Upon a Time" treasury:

Betti of realfaery and her Funky Felt Shop featured SplendidFish in the "Pink and Blue - Beautiful" treasury:

Lynn of SouthernBelleOOAK featured FaerieKat in the "Purple Passion" treasury:

Lynn of SouthernBelleOOAK featured FaerieKat in the "Sea Dreams" treasury:

Sarah of ToadstoolsNTreestump featured her lovely self and wyldewoodpapers in the "Solstice" treasury:

Colleen, Audrey, Evelyn and Lena of FARStudios featured Puppycatmeow in the "Sometimes I am One of Those People" treasury:

Jenny of blackstonepottery featured FaerieKat in the "Twinkling Treasures" treasury:

Echoart featured SplendidFish in the "Under the Sea" treasury:

Merigreenleaf of Elfling Creations featured mermaidencreations, tangocatgems, Carapace and FaerieKat in the "Whimsical Seashore" treasury:

FaerieKat of Faerie Fabulous Finds featured MythicalDesigns and SEStudio in the "Wonders from the Woodlands" treasury:

For the treasuries with links, if you haven't already visited them, I encourage you to get yer rumply fingers wiggly and show 'em some luv with clickies and complimentals! If there isn't a link it's because the treasury appeared on either the Main or West treasuries which have expiration dates (they're easy to spot 'cuz they're long, skinny screen shooties).

Keep being fabufantastical and have an enchanted weekend!


  1. it is SO fun to look at all these collections and appreciate the FAEsters :D

  2. Thanks, Mermaliciousmama! I hope it drives some traffic to your door. Mwah!

  3. What a fabulous visual feast!!!

  4. WOW! What a whimsical, wondrous collection of treasuries and FAEteam talent. *off to wiggle fingers*

  5. So many amazing collections! Thank you so much for sharing them here.