Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FAE Street Team Treasure Chest

Debbie of DebiDesigns brings us a treasury filled from top to bottom with magnificent booty from our very own "FAE Team":

This exciting treasure chest is stocked with only the finest and tempting items:
*Membership verified by team moderator who will notify of requirement to input info into member database.

Congratulations to all the fine members who completely filled this incredible treasury, and also to its curator, DebiDesigns.

If you have created a fantasy-themed treasury or are featured in any treasury, please send me a convo with the treasury link.

I stumbled across this treasury (on the morning of the 8th) in the FAE Team forum thread (where it was posted shortly after midnight on the 7th) and if I had been delayed past 3 pm on the 9th in reading the thread, I would have missed the opportunity for this post since this is an expiring treasury on Treasury West.

This is the last posting I will create based on treasuries announced only in the forum thread or anyplace else (like your personal blog). I only have two heads and would need a third one to check every possible place on the planet where it is possible to announce you have created or been featured in a treasury, so please take pity on me and send a quick convo to me at FaerieKat.

"How's your head feeling?"
"Mine feels like multiple migraine meltdown has commenced."
"Dang, girl, I feel your pain."
"Of course you do, you're my other head."
"Oh. Yeah. Well, I guess we should take something, like a migraine pill."
"Duh. And like right now before we both explode! Dang, some heads are like so dumb."

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  1. who needs roommates when you have another head to talk to?