Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ren-Ready Fae Folk

Renaissance fairing and festivaling is upon us and so many of our FAE members are readying their wares and stocking tents and stalls, practicing the permanent smile and brushing up on a country dance step or two.

Here is but a small sampling, a little flair and flavor from the FAE.

Elvish Princess Crystal Headdress by Knightime Creations


  1. Fantastic finds! Makes me sad that faire season is pretty much over done here in FL & that I didn't get to go this year. Here's to next year!

  2. Me wants to go a'fairing up to Oregonyland, and buy me a purdy ribbon or twa', but me hasn't any coin. Me sad. But these be purdy things to be a'looking at instead!

  3. Some really beautiful things,:)

  4. Just starting our wandering gypsy faire season here in the midwest...lots of fun and frolic (and hard work, lol) ahead!!

  5. Renaissance, Renaissance, afairing we go,
    to wonder at the Crystal Headdress,
    first in the show.
    Then, the Yellow and Black Faerie Wings
    makes us all glow.
    Oh! The Pirate Hair Jewels
    is so not for fools!
    But the Wool Circle Cloak
    will warm many jewels,
    And the Arianwen Elves in their beautiful Headdress,
    Will sing and dance in their bejeweled caress!
    Dining On My Rhymes Again,
    xox Sandy

  6. Best of luck to all of you! One of these years, I'll be a fair-goer, too!