Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Moon, Hunger Moon

It's been a long cold winter, heavy on snow and ice, even here in my usually winterfree home wilds! There's a cold icy rim on the moon, sparkling bright and hard as the heart of winter

Boreas, by Gypsy Moon Art

Cold and hard, to be sure, but beautiful too, glinting into bits of winter moonlight, to be worn at a midnight Circle Dance:

Snowy Moonlight Earrings and Moonlight Faery Ballroom Necklace by Mermaiden

and ring in the soft chiming voice of ice crystals singing together on snowy evenings

Snowflake Bracelet by Athena's Armoury

Beautiful or no, all the glitter wears on the eyes and all the cold eats aways at the spirit. It's enough to make any heart hungry for warmer weather, and fresh green growing things-- or maybe just a little bit of ripe fruit, Persephone style

The Hungriest Pixie Ever, by Erthefae

and a maybe a little shelter, hidden under the sparkle and edges of the ice

Snow Pixie Vessel by Anika's Art

to stay warm and wait for spring.

If you're hungry for brighter skies too

Sky Will Feed My Heart by Carapace

be brave! March brings the return of birds, and the rising growth of trees. What FAE and strange lovelies will the Crow Moon bring...?


  1. As usual, my dear Carapace, you wax eloquent. Lovely words for lovely creations.

  2. Lovely post and lovely, lovely creations!

  3. Indeed, the narrative is intoxicating. I love seeing everyone's interpretations on the Monthly Dare themes. Just beautiful.

  4. I love seeing everyone's interpretation of a similar theme. So beautiful and so different. Lovely post, Cara!